Our Horses

ILPH ISLAY (Ali), a 17.3hh, dark brown TBx gelding, born in 1995. He is a retired Strathclyde police horse. He has been on loan from World Horse Welfare to Liz Mackay since 2002 and is the 3rd WHW horse she has retrained for vaulting. He has been vaulting internationally since 2006 and has competed all over Europe and was selected to represent Team GBR for four consecutive years in Championships.

In 2014 he represented Canada at the World Equestrian Games in France. He has also appeared on stage in front of Simon Cowell and the other judges at Britains Got Talent.

BRAVOUR, 17.3hh, bay Belgium Warmblood born 2001. He has a big movement and a big heart and enjoys the company of the vaulters. Brav loves hacking and has a talent for jumping.

Dazzling Edition (Darcy) is a 16.1hh, TB X ID  dark bay gelding, who was born in 1999. He arrived in 2010 and took to vaulting very quickly, loving the children and all the attention.

Rum n' Coke (Rambo) is a 17hh, skewbald gelding, born 2008. The youngest member of our team who is still in the early stages of his training but shows he has a kind temperament and great movement that will enable him to excel at vaulting.

Toby is a 14.2hh, dark brown Welsh Cob x, born in 2004. He arrived in August 2015. Toby is a perfect child's pony and has taken to vaulting very quickly, although he sometimes thinks he knows more than the coaches.

Previous horses

ROBBIE, a 16.1hh, bay gelding, born in 1999. He was trained as a vaulting horse by Equibuddy and bought by Liz Mackay to assist with the Active Schools Programme in 2008. He also competed internationally.

Robbie was a much loved and patient, but cheeky, member of the team. He meant so much to so many and was the very heart of kinross vaulting group. He died peacefully at home after a field injury and with old age related difficulties. RIP Robbie. You will be forever in our hearts.

BIG BEN (Ben), a 17hh Shire xTB bay gelding, born 2001. Ben is now enjoying a career change at Easterton Equine Activities, successfully competing and enjoying a varied life of dressage, showjumping, XC and showing with Kathryn Hunt.

New Hills Indian Treasure (Indi), 17.3hh, dark bay ID X TB gelding born in 2000. After injuring himself while out in the field, Indi had to be euthanased in July 2014. His lovely temperament and cheeky personality will be greatly missed.

RIP Indi x

EQUUS MAXIMUS (Max) Liz Mackay owned Max a 17.2hh, chestnut, Hanoverian gelding from November 2007. He was a kind and gentle horse and he taught all in Kinross Vaulting Group a huge amount. We all miss him for many different reasons! Sadly Max colicked and despite an operation and intensive care, he colicked again five months later and had to be euthanased in 2012.
RIP Max and Thank You.

Blue is a 13.2hh Highland x, grey gelding who was on loan to the Club from Kaye Paterson. He is now working with RDA Dundee.

Good luck Blue and Thank you!